The Perfect Wedding Songs

Every couple has their own dream wedding. With months and months of preparation, you try your very best to get every trivial detail right. It is not a simple task. A wedding consists of so many tiny details which can easily slip off our minds due to the overwhelming tasks. But, giving attention to all these tiny details is important. After all, all those remarkable weddings aren’t just pulled off easily. If you look carefully, the couple has given a lot of though to every detail. One such detail that you must be concerned about is the wedding music. Simply selecting a random playlist and popping it up is definitely not a choice when it comes to a wedding. Your playlist need to fit the mood perfectly. This is one key feature which sets the tone for the whole ceremony. Imagine playing a rock music when the bride walks down the aisle, not a very beautiful scenario, is it?. That is why it is necessary to give attention to this specific factor. Fortunately, we have some great selections that you might love.


One can say that the processional is like the opening scene to the wedding. Getting the right music from the start is important. You can play the infamous song ‘Here comes the bride’, which is also known as the bridal chorus. This is the perfect traditional choice for a bride’s procession. But, if you are someone who wants it to be a bit unique you can get a more modernized version. Just discuss with your acoustic wedding singers and let them know how you want it. A little twist can be a brilliant way to make the whole thing unique. Another famous choice is the ‘Canon in D;. Again, you can add your own little twist to this gorgeous piece. If you are looking for a more 21st century piece, you can opt for A thousand years by Christina Perri or the famous ‘Glasglow Love Theme’ soundtrack from the movie ‘Love actually’


The opposite of processional or the ending scene of the ceremony. There are so many choices for the recessional as well. To start off, you can select the traditional recessional music, ’Wedding March’. Or another traditional piece loved by many is ‘Arrival of the Queen Sheba’. The high tempo of these music will definitely get everyone hyped up. You can also get your acoustic duo wedding band to play a more unique song like the song ‘Now that we found love’ in the movie hitch.These are just a few simple choices that many couples tend to love. You can always opt for your own special song choices to make your ceremony more unique.

The Most Needed Tips On Creating The Perfect Wedding Venue With Flowers

What is the most notable feature of any wedding? Yes, that is correct! The wedding decor is. The way that the venue has been decorated adds character to your wedding, creates the ambiance that you are in need of and would also help you achieve the dreamily wedding that you have always dreamed of. To decorate a wedding venue can be a bit tough, especially if you are not clear of what additions you need to make and what services you should gain. If you are a couple stuck in deciding what the right choice is for the wedding decor and how to overcome the complications of it.

Choose Professionals

When you are decorating the venue, there would be a lot of fragile items for you to deal with. The professional skill and talent would help you overcome these challenges easily. When it comes to choosing professionals, you have to be careful. Once you have looked into what your requirements are and what your budget is, it would be much easier for you to choose the best out of the wedding styling packages.

Choose a Supplier of Flowers

Flowers are a key feature of the wedding decor. Depending on the theme that you have decided, the flowers that you want might differ. Once you have made all of the choices of what flowers you are including in the wedding, artificial or natural flowers, etc., the next step that you have to take is to choose a wedding florist Prahran. To choose the best florist, you can always make a list of the florists available in your area, do some background research into each of them and choose the services that is best fit for you and your wedding requirements.

Pick a Colour and a Theme

Choosing flowers or any other element of the wedding design can be a tough task. Therefore, you should certainly look into picking the right colour and the theme. You have to be careful and think through when you are choosing a colour and a theme because the rest of the process and the outcome of the wedding thoroughly depends on this choice that you make. You can always look into some inspiration on the internet, professional portfolios, magazines, etc. Always have a clear idea in your head about what you want your wedding to be like and make choices. After you have gotten through making the complicated choice of colour and a theme, the rest of the planning and setting up the wedding would be much easier.